Monday, August 14, 2006

Five Fun Facts

Five Fun Facts about the Five Foot Giants:
1. We are twins born 12 years apart.
2. We are not giants, but we are five feet tall. One of us might try and tell you she is five feet two, but that one of us would be lying.
3. One of us is an aspiring middle grade and young adult writer, and one of us is aspiring to get the heck out of high school.
4. One of us has a hubby and large dog that tries to take her side of the bed, and one of us has a curfew, cheerleading practice, and a looming driver's test.
5. Together we can make a mean rice krispie treat. Without measuring cups. Or a real pan.



At 8:02 AM, Blogger Five Foot Giants said...

Ok just to get this straightend out now... I'm just going along with this whole "five foot giants" name. She might try and sway you with her humor and innocent essence but in reality I tower over the majority of the family. I mean TOWER. How or who I got the height genes from I dont know, but I did...I cant help that I got the good genes:). Shes only like 5 foot but I'm definitly a good 3 inches taller.



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