Tuesday, August 15, 2006

Teen Angst - a scenario

hmmm lets think....teen angst....well i have to admit it, if you're a teenage girl alot of your angst is caused by physical appearance and....im just gunna say it... BOYS! i will give you an example, remember this is hypothetical....

teen:(talking to friend on phone) hey you wanna just hang out at your house? im all gross and unshowered.
tenns friend: sure! yeah im not even going to put make-up on or anything.
(teen gets there and finds out that its a whole frickin party now, everyones there....including her crush)
teen:DAMN IT!

i do have my teen angst moments but they are few and far between. im kind of a strange teenager though, i can definitly carry a conversation with an adult, but i would rather watch cartoons than MTV. my parents often ask me why how i can watch this "crap" but i just pretend im engrossed in the bright colors and ignore them. it works well, when you dont respond for a while they just give up.



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