Wednesday, August 16, 2006

pity kisses

ah hahaha i have one word for him....SUCKAAAA. ha ha jk, yeah i have heard of people doing that and yes at first it might seem funny but it is really mean. i dont think i have known anyone who has actually done this...but i do know people who have given pity kisses, which in my mind is just as bad, but only if the other person finds out. its basically the same thing. if you know a guy really likes you and you feel bad and just kiss him, your just backing yourself into a coner. cuz then he thinks you like him but then you avoid him and you end up looking like a bitch, not only to his friends but to people who dont know you that well.
wow ok that sounded really complicated and teenagerly but ask any teen girl to read this and they will translate.
but anyway, either totally against them.


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