Thursday, August 17, 2006

career choosing SUCKS!

ill tell you about my driving test in sec, but im all upset right now because i dont know what to do with my life... god i hate this... since i am "growing up" everyone is asking me what college r u going to? what r u majoring in? why havent you decided yet? r u prepareing for the SAT's?....i dont know, i dont know, I DONT KNOW! i feel like im running out of time but then when i go stop and think, IM ONLY A JUNOIR. i dont have to decide right now do i? and then just when i think i have it all figured out something happens that completly changes my mind. all my friends have it together, WHY DONT I!?
my parents are on my back about grades constantly and when report cards come out its always "this is good...but you can do better." ok yes, i could try a little harder but its not like i just blow off school. i never miss a homework but becuase my parents dont see me actually doing it at home they dont think i do it at all. tests are another story though. that i will admit i dont try hard enough.
whatever, im just taking it one step at a time.

so i got my license today, the test was really easy. but dont get me wrong it was still nerve wracking. no tragedies. I LOVE DRIVING!



At 8:03 AM, Blogger Five Foot Giants said...

Yeah. Careers mostly stink unless you absolutely LOVE something that makes enough money for you to survive. Sadly, I know no one - except for maybe five foot giant Kara (middle sister) - that still loves their job. Have you ever heard someone say - I'm totally going into accounting because I just LOOOVE sitting in a cubicle all day that smells like fermented coffee and making mindless calculations for twelve hours straight. Hmmm. It's not that bad though Cailly. No matter what (okay except if you have chosen an unlucky profession that requires you are on-call 24hrs a day) a 'career' will give you this:

1. NO HOMEWORK!! As in, you will never again have to study for a test, or make a diarama about Lord of the Flies, or take the SATs again, or apply for some college program that will reject you because you didn't get a perfect SAT score.

2. At 5:00 (or 3:30 and 0 seconds in my case): You may leave your institution no matter what because - the day is over. No detentions for not doing homework/talking in class/text messaging or receiveing phone calls with a mosquito ring. No cheerleading/field hockey/track practice/meet/game. You simply have the REST of the day for yourself. It's awesome.

3. You can go out to lunch. Period. And you can take two hours if you want.

4. If you're in a meeting: You're allowed to chew gum. You can even bring coffee! You can go to the bathroom without a pass OR asking if you 'may' go to the bathroom. You can write/doodle in your notebook and look like you are totally paying attention. Or, you can just simply walk out and if asked why you did not attend X meeting - you can say - I am a busy woman, and I just couldn't be bothered. And then your boss will pay you more because you are so busy.

5. Umm... you can also blog I guess too. Or work on novels. Or listen to King Dork on tape. Because as long as your work gets done - which today happens to be a FOUR hour incubation followed by a TWO hour incubation for me - they don't care what you do with your free time.

Honestly though as you think about what you want to do when you 'grow-up' - take the 'career' out of it. Career sounds like such a commitment. Like when you finally decide on one - that's it - you're life is decided - you will become a brain surgeon as soon as you graduate high school - and die a brain surgeon, because that's what you chose as a career. Ok, maybe you would if you chose brain surgery, but for me and everyone else I know - this is not true. It's too much pressure to try and decide your life at age 16. Mom and Dad almost had a heartattack when I announced sophomore year in college that I was switching my major to Art History. I didn't, but I really really thought about it. Figure out your interests and don't forget that everything is flexible. Okay - I'm the big sister so I'll figure them out for you.

1. Reading (Yay! You are SO my sister.)
2. Driving (this won't last. Believe me. Unless you have a convertible.)
3. I think you actually might like cooking a little.
4. Shopping (Given.)
5. Trying new things (you let hubby drag you through the water on a kite once.)

Here are some things that you want to do:
1. Travel
2. Write
3. Explore
4. Help people
5. Not sit at a desk all day.

These things you may want to do at age 16, BUT over the years you may find yourself crossing one if not all of them off your list. The only way to do that though is to experience them first hand so you know. For example, I wanted to be a writer my whole life (I know, shocking.) and Dad played this mean trick on me and took me to SASSY magazine for the day when I was 16. It was like visiting a third world country - these people were starving and overworked and unhappy. They all wanted to be writers like me and NONE of them were writing what they wanted to write. So, I crossed it off my list. I figured if I wanted to be a writer - then I'd be a writer on my own - selecting another 'career' to support myself. The next thing on my list was biochemistry (obviously right? Most writers are secret biochemists I tell you) - I spent the day at a lab in Children's Hospital when I was 17, and I liked it. So, here I am. Sitting in a lab - but writing what I want. Yay.

You may find you hate writing by starting this blog with me. You may find you love helping people/traveling/and exploring when hubby and I kidnap you to go build houses in Ecuador. Which we just may someday.

Things that you already have that most 16 year olds DON'T:
1. Connections. If you wanted to be a book distributor, biochemist, event planner, teacher, or enterprise architect - you are SO in the right family.

2. Confidence. Dude, you could be put in any situation with any age of people and you fit right in. Take my bachelorette party for example...

3. Maturity. You are really like 22 years old. We forgot to tell you. You and Kara are actually biological twins but Mom and Dad decided to freeze dry you and thaw you 6 years later because you were a collicky baby.

4. Drive. Not as in a driving license. As in when someone asks you what you want to be when you grow up you say: travel writer, or something else totally intelligent and unique. Your friends may THINK they know what they want to do - but they don't. Let's take a survey of my friends: 1. wanted to be a musician (works for the patent office) 2. wants to own a marina (sits at a desk) 3. wanted to be a surgeon (professional student because she doesn't really know what she wants to do) 4. wanted to be a doctor (is now a law recruiter) 4. wanted to be a scientist (is now a teacher) Anyway I could go on and on.

5. You'll try anything. If I'm like - hey do you want to spend 24hrs freezing cold at the base of Mt. Washington - you're like - sure. Or - hey do you want to go to a conference in LA with me because I'm too scared to go by myself - and you're like - do they have a pool?

So anyway. Don't freak out. You have plenty of time. First things first. You already know what schools you like. You just have to pick a few safety schools. You'll take a class for the SAT and be ready. When you get into school (we're talking a year and a half here!) pick a major and see how it goes. YOU CAN ALWAYS CHANGE IT.


At 8:05 AM, Blogger Five Foot Giants said...

omg, i am SO glad you are my sister. i dont know how you did it but you actually made me excited for college again. i just want to know what im going to be doing in 20 years, i wish there was a way to tell. i could go to a pshycic but everytime i go there are closed for like 10 minutes,and i have tried more then once. so, im taking that as a sign that if i ever do go to one she is going to be like "i hope you have lived your life well young grasshopper, becuase you dont have much time left" i would walk out of there and stay in my house for the rest of my (short) life.

wow way off topic, i never knew you wanted to switch your major to art history! thats awesome, yeah i bet mom and freaked. ahahahah good. i REALLY want to do something with traveling but mom wont even listen when i bring the subject up. she actually said to me (devin was there ask him) "cailin, you are the most annoying child i have ever had" thanks love you too madre!
she thinks im doing all this stuff just to go against the grain. that annoys me to no end! i HATE when people say that.



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