Friday, February 23, 2007

New Toys

Buxton got a new toy. This is his new toy position. He can stay in this position for hours, I think. In his little doggie mind, he has figured out that he looks pretty cute like this, and most likely one of us will play with him. The poor guy has been especially ignored lately because his owners are lazy and cold and would rather bribe him with large bacon flavored cookies and new toys than weather the ice and cold to take him for a walk after work.

Last week he positively did not understand why we were not taking him out to go romp in the snow. We let him outside and his legs immediately betrayed him and landed him belly first on our walkway. But, dogs have the memories of fleas, and ten seconds later he cried to go out and frolic, to the same end. He steadied himself long enough to attempt to snuffle the snow, which is what he would normally do, and banged his nose onto what was actually five inches of concrete slab disguised as snow. It's like when the neighbor's demon cat mews sweetly every single time Buxton passes her. She flips over, paws the air, and flicks her tail at him. Buxton can't resist her invitation to play, and as soon as he gets close enough, she tranforms into demon cat and smacks him in the face.


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