Friday, December 29, 2006

Celebrity Sighting!!

Last night we had quite a close and personal encounter with a famous person IN THE BATHROOM. And we're not even kidding! It was kind of strange to start off - a co-ed bathroom - that looked suspiciously like a woman's room - in a fancy italian restaurant.

The encounter:
There was a short line in the bathroom (just Cailin because she is a nice little sister and let Erin go first) when DOOGIE HOWSER (aka Neil Patrick Harris) decided to use the facilities. Apparently he thought he walked into the ladies room (which was understandable...), but Cailin quickly and confidently assured him that he was in fact in the 'co-ed' ladies room without mentioning 'Doogie Howser' once. When Erin stepped out of the bathroom stall, she was startled to find Mr. Doogie waiting. At first Erin was like, 'Doogie Howser is in the women's bathroom!' And then he smiled, and let us tell you Mr. Howser is quite an attractive person in real life. Also extraordinarily tall. Erin almost blurted out something totally uncool like - I loved you in Doogie Howser! Or, I love your new show! But then she was afraid he'd be like, oh yeah, if you're such a big fan then what's the name of my new show? Which, she didn't know. So instead, they did an awkward shuffle to exchange places in the bathroom (it was quite small), and then Erin took a REALLY long time washing her hands to wait for Cailin. And then Cailin took a really long time washing her hands until Mr. Harris came out of our shared stall and we all had to do a weird awkward shuffle so Cailin and Erin could pour out the door and he could wash his hands (which he did).

And then our other sister was so jealous we went to the bathroom with Doogie Howser that she made the entire family stalk him for a few blocks to see which show he was going to - which was the Martin Short one. Only then did she allow us to go see our Phantom of the Opera (which was very good!).


At 10:00 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hey gals,
Sooo exciting!
My husband met Billy Joel the same way --- when WILL my moment arrive?!


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