Monday, December 18, 2006

blue is for nightmare

i just finished blue is for nightmare. it was a little weird, but it was good. im such a wuss when it comes to scary things, so when it got just the tiniest bit scary so started to get paranoid that someone was watching me. and when i read it before i go to bed, thats the only time i have to read, i would tell myself "ok ill only read until 11:30. and then the next time i look at the clock, it reads 1:15. CRAP! i hate when i do that. then im all tired the next morning.

its about this girl who attends a boarding school. she is rooming with her best friend who starts getting these mysterious calls. drea, the best friend/room mate, wont give the details about this guy, which is weird cuz girls always love to tell friends about new guys. well he starts to get weird, and i dont want to give too much away... but stacey, the main character, is having bad dreams, and even wetting the bed at age 16.

its a really good book. i definitely recommend it.



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