Wednesday, November 15, 2006

interesting day...

well my school day was was after school that sucked.

ok, first i got caught coming out of the BOYS bathroom with my friend tyler, by no one other than...FATHER ANDRES. tyler took my sweatshirt and kept going into the boys bathroom so i finally just followed him in, and when i came out father andres just happened to be coming in. i tried to explain it to him, but he just seemed skeeved out so he just walked away without asking questions.

then, i got out to my car and there is mud, popped balloons, and leaves all over the hood of it and on my doorhandles. yesterday i filled my friends car with balloons; that was funny. this was just gross. there is this marsh infront of my parking spot cuz its been raining alot lately, so i picked stacey up becuase i knew she did it, and pretended to throw her in. well my friend DJ though it would be funny to push me in so we both went tumbling into this discusting littered, leafy, muddy water. it was so smelly.

then, like evryday, people took my car keys and wouldnt give them back. so my car ended up (about and hour later...literally) in the next parking lot.

the only reason i stayed was becuase i said i would take this girl who lives near me home. she has an 8th period and i dont so i waited for her becuase im nice like that. yeah, her mom picked her up right after school. so i waited for nothing.

i never got really mad, it takes alot to get me truely mad. but i was annoyed. o yeah and our water is shut, of so if i wanna wash my car i have to pay for it.


well i just got out of the shower and im all clean so im happy! and no school tomorrow or friday!! but im going into school tomorrow for 8th grade visitation day, it will be fun though cuz ill be with my cheer girls.



At 8:17 AM, Blogger Five Foot Giants said...

Okay, I'm sorry but it's just hilarious. Especially about the part of you finding your car in another parking lot. Tee hee...I mean, jerks.


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