Friday, November 03, 2006

Plastic suits and eggrolls.

This place is just wierd. I'm six years out of college, and feel really comfortable in the lab now. If someone says to me, 'can you rerun that with a step elution instead of a bump?', then I'm like: Sure! Or if someone asks me about my pool, I have learned over the years that they are actually not talking about my neighborhood pool, but something entirely different. Fast forward to today when I have entered the completely foreign world that is otherwise known as the new lab I'll be working in. I show up all geared up with my lab coat and such, which they told me to remove and handed me a package. What I unwrapped was a fancy trash bag with more holes for appendages than I feel are required. Also, the thing about plastic is that it doesn't breathe and it takes a maximum of five seconds to get sticky and unbearably hot in there. I put on my fancy plastic bag that is flourscent blue, proceeding to staticize myself to the point I am audibly crackling. They only have large, and the belt (yes, there is a belt) naturally hit me around the knee area. I bunched it all up and tied it around my waist in a big bow. I ignore the fact the bag has suctioned to my body with all the static and I now look like I'm wearing flourescent blue chaps over my pants. I sit down and get to work. Except that I have never done this kind of work before, so I feel like a complete moron because every other word out of my trainer's mouth is foreign. I stop asking for clarification about ten minutes into her talking, and was so flustered that when she asked me to add 100 + 250 + 350 in my head, I couldn't figure it out. And then she asked me if I wanted an eggroll and I didn't know if eggroll was some kind of acronym like E.G.G.R.O.L.L, or some crazy science term I should know, until she said: 'Jen down in chemistry made them.' Hmmm... I'm just so happy it's Friday.


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