Wednesday, October 18, 2006


This is irony:

You start a new job in a department with three hundred people. You think, I am going to make so many friends and it's going to be so fun at my new job. You arrive on your first day to find that you are the only person in the three hundred with your degree and your background. You speak a different work language than your three hundred coworkers. You have an office at the end of a dark hallway, through a doorway that is only accessed through another secret room. You are the only person reporting to your boss. You may work in a department with three hundred people, but you soon realize you have no coworkers. Nobody welcomes you on your first day of work because nobody knows you are there. Except for your boss, but she is very scatterbrained. Fast forward three months - your boss announces her retirement and your days of having a job at all are limited. In the shock of your life, people acquire a map to your office, visit and share their sympathies for such an injustice. You receive advice from people you have never met, and people you have only seen in passing, deliver job postings for your consideration. You are invited to join the retirement celebration committee to help plan your boss' retirement. You accept and are granted the important job of seeking out your boss' favorite color and making a scrapbook of her career that you were a part of for three months. People know your name. Someone fixes the light in your hallway. You have coworkers.


At 3:35 PM, Blogger Five Foot Giants said...

ah hahahah u have to make a scrapbook??


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