Tuesday, October 03, 2006

Home Sweet Home

Yay, we're home.

Books I read while in Germany:
1. Avalon High - Meg Cabot
2. So Be It - Sarah Weeks
3. Shug - Jenny Han
4. Size Twelve Isn't Fat - Meg Cabot

Words I have added to my vocabulary from Germany:
1. Moin (means hello, people often say 'Moin, Moin' but my friend said that is dorky)
2. Currywurst (it's a special kind of bratwurst from hamburg that hubby and I decided to integrate into everyday language - to mean anything from 'darnitall,' 'do you have to go to the bathroom?,' 'I'll take another beer, thank you,' and however else we felt like using it at the moment)
* Note: The advanced usage of currywurst it to interchange 'curry' with another word to make a kind of secret language. Such as 'creepywurst,' which we used. Quite a lot.
3. Jever (our favorite beer and by the way Germans look at you like you are a psycho killer when you ask for a hefeweizen, it's just a 'weizen' there)
4. Ganow (it means exactly and is the single most often word spoken over there. I swear. Ganow.)



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