Sunday, September 24, 2006

my date!

first about your kindness blog. my favorite commercial on tv is the one where one person sees someone do something nice, even as simple as picking up a baby toy and giving it to the mother. the person who witnessed this act of kindness then does something nice for someone else. im going to do it, you should too.

now for my date....since i cant call and tell you erin, im going to give details.

so he picked me up and met mom and dad. it wasnt too bad. dad had to tell him that mikes last name is my dads middle name. oh! mikes middle name is chris and mine is christine! ahah i just that was kinda cool. anyway.... he picked me up and we went to the movies. the car ride wasnt awkward. hes really talkative which makes me talkative. so that was good.

we got to the movies and he had this look on his face. i was like "whats that face for?" HE FORGOT HIS MONEY! HAHAHAH i found it halarious but he was sooooo embarrassed. i felt bad for him. so i had to pay for the tickets. we went and saw invincible. it was good. but it was really crowded for some reason. and things that were worth a chuckle, people were like ROFLing. so i was laughing more at the people then at the movie.

at the end of the movie it was kinda wierd. he had his arm around me the whole time but he took my hand at the end, and when i turned and looked at him he was really close. i turned away. i dont know if he was going to kiss me or not but i turned away just in case. but we went back to the car and he asked me to be his girlfriend...i said no. i had to. it was out first date! way too soon. but then he asked me to homecoming, i said yes. even though i hate dates....ill skip the next part :) hahaha. we went back to my house becuse there was nothing else to do. he met the woods' haha. of course they had to be here. we just watched tv and talked and stuff. he had a 12 30 cerfew so he left around 12. i said goodbye and then called him later to make sure he got home ok, he lives like a half hour away.

so basically this kid is the cutest thing ever! o goshhhhh cant wait to see him monday!


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