Thursday, September 21, 2006

awkward moments and school...

so rooney asked me on a date saturday, we are going to the movies to see little miss sunshine...i think

well we have been talking a little bit trying to figure out what movie and what time and everything. yesterday, we decided on little miss sunshine but then later i found out this a chick flick. i tried to tell him today but we just had an awkward moment instead. i was talking with two of my friends and they were like
"LOOK ITS ROONEY! BEHIND YOU" but i didnt want to turn around. but they kept saying it so i thought he was standing right behind me. i turned around to talk to him cuz i just thought he had stopped to talk to me. but when i turned around he was just walking by with a friend, it was sooooo obvious that we were talking about him. i waved, he waved...and walked into someone. hahaha. i wanted to tell him that we picked a chick flick so i was just like "oh mike(his real, first name) i need to talk to you." but it was really confusing cuz he was with friends and so was i and they kept talking to us. this doesnt sound awkward, but even people around us were like "cailin that was really awkward...what happened?" omggg i dont know.

i have a gift, i can make any situation awkward without meaning to. yay for me.

yesterday i had an SAT class. it was pretty good. we had to write an essay and it wasnt too bad. it definitely wasnt great writing but for not preparing for it i think i did pretty well.

today in shakespeare, my teacher mr.velten said that to be a good writer you have to be able to write a sonnet. i strongly disagree with this. if your a writer, that doesnt mean your a poet. right? he isnt making us write a sonnet or anything but i just think thats its not right to say your not a good writer if you can't write a sonnet. its really hard!
for those who dont know what a sonnet is, its a 14 line poem that has iambic pantameter. 10 stressed and unstressed syllables. but, it also has to have a rhyme scheme. a b a b c d c d e f e f gg...for example...(i will just give you the words that rhyme in each line)

A~ hat
B~ know
A~ cat
B~ so
C~ why
D~ hope
C~ sky
D~ soap
E~ say
F~ couch
E~ pay
F~ slouch
G~ dog
G~ log

not so easy. haha.

im very upset because since school started i cant read anymore. wayyyy too much going on to stop and read. the only thickens im reading right now are texts books.

so yeah, i think thats all i have to share for now. bye!



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