Saturday, September 09, 2006

Cailin Appreciation Day

Cailin is definitely my sister. This was at the SCBWI LA conference - she came with me along with fivefootgiant mom and other sister. I'm so lucky. They shopped (notice the jumble of bags...), went to the pool, and stalked my famous agent conference critiquer who I accidentally pointed out, while I went to the conference sessions.

I could go on, but my neighbor just broke into my house for me because I locked myself out and hubby is riding his bike an hour away. Anyway if you ever questioned the value of putting a bar on your sliding door (or sawed off ski pole) - stop it. It took him like five seconds - and one philips head screwdriver - to get my door opened. I was like - 'freaky' and he was like - 'get a bar'.



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