Thursday, August 31, 2006

bad couple of days

sorry I havent written in a while, im quite stressed right now actually.
lets start with...

I had a couple girls over my house. It was me my two best friends (stacey and amanda) and maura, a girl I carpool to school with. we were having fun but then I just couldn't stand Stacey anymore. She has been annoying me lately but I was seriously about to kill her. When she annoys me like this I can get mean. Fourth of July for instance, she looked super cute in her jean skirt and flipflops but couldnt decide what shirt to wear. So, she asked everyone which shirt, the pink or the grey. Everyone said grey...except me. I made up this bullshit excuse why she should wear the pink, so she did. And it made her look fat. Sometimes she deserves to look fat, haha. Im just jealous but I cant help myself. Anyway! back to the real story...

I wasnt in the greatest mood when we fell asleep at 5 30 in the morning, but i didnt let anyone know that. When we woke up it was disgusting out and we were suppossed to go tubing on the Delaware! I was pretty dissappointed. but we went out to the Diner instead for breakfast. Stacey kept throwing sugar packets, spoons, creamers and such in my brand new messenger bag. I was just like "whatever" and took them out until I found sugar all over my bag then i was mad. I just let it go though. When we went to go pay the check i was like the freaking mom rounding all the kids together, figuring out the money and the tip situation. Stacey just couldnt wait to call shottie so she asked for the keys. Stupidly i gave them to her. I come out to see a pepper shaker on my dashboard. I run to go take it back and I put it on the steps to the diner. When I came back some how the door closed, im not exactly sure how it happened. but regardless.....MY KEYS ARE LOCKED IN THE CAR. I call everyone I can think of, mom is yelling at me telling me to figure this out on my own because she is at work and can't help. I get my friend aimee to skip going to tennis to come get me so I can get my spare key. In the end it all worked out but Stacey never acknowledged it was her fault. oh! and I almost forgot, the whole diner (half of which go to my old school and are in the grade above me) comes out to "see if they can help" which of course they cant.

I go to my friend danas house and its crappy out, raining and everything. Everyone wants to go swimming but I dont feel like it. so me and these two kids from another school are with me, but I have never met them before. Im too scared to talk to them, so I dont. I was talking to my friends about our labels, like:
amanda~the funny one
stacey~the one all they guys like/the obnoxious one
julia~the dramatic one
dana~the giggler
tori~the emo one
margie~the perfect one
so where does that leave me? they decided im the shy one! how the hell did i get that?! thats bad. but whatever.

im only suppossed to have one other person in the car and I was already taking someone home but another girl needed a ride so I said I would take her home. I have to be off the road at 11 by law. I left danas house with plenty of time to get home, that is until I got lost. It was really scary. dark roads, 3 girls, and loud music is not a good combination. long story short, I missed curfew too. but I got off the hook with the parentals so that was good.

I had to work...that starts the day off bad. when I got home I pulled in the driveway and turned off the car. but there was one problem, I couldnt get the keys out of my car for the life of me. Panic mode has set in by this time. I start running around the neighborhood like a a killer is after me. After going to 3 different house and calling 2 people i go the Mack's house. I make Mr.Mack drive all the way over and he discovers I dont have it in park. I feel so stupid. In the house I start hysterically crying. I cant even calm myself down. im blubbering like an idiot and call mom. she calms me down a little bit. I dont know why I got so upset its not even that big of a deal. maybe it was everything combined.

there are more little deatails that contributed to it but - just trust me, it was a bad week



At 3:30 PM, Blogger Five Foot Giants said...

You should have totally CALLED ME when you couldn't get the keys out of the ignition! Not like I've done that before while dressed in a freaking colonial dress uniform (hair in bun, lace around collar...) - and late for work.

I've also driven over to a gas station in a total panic because my trunk wouldn't close and was bouncing open every tiny little bump I hit in the road, only to get to the station and have some annoying kid tap it shut - and of course, it stayed closed. Talk about feeling like an idiot. Anyway - I can relate.

And by the way you are not the shy one. Shy people don't elect to change schools for their own good after going to the same school and having the same friends for 9 years. Anyway I think you are the FUN one. You are seriously fun.

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