Monday, August 21, 2006


In honor of my poor boy's second trip to the kennel in his life - I want to talk about one horrific scene in Prophet of Yonwood. This is the third book in the Ember trilogy after The City of Ember, and People of Sparks. It's actually a prequel - an eery insight into what happened before City of Ember. I rarely put books down - and I have to say I almost abandoned this book when the prophet (who claimed to have seen then end of the world and makes foggy statements that are misunderstood as directives from God) says - NO DOGS. Yes. She said no dogs. So the entire town obeyed and put their dogs on school buses that drove them up a snowy mountain and released them to the wild. Into the wild! I won't go into the gory details. I read to the end ONLY to find out if the dogs were returned. And - THANK GOODNESS - they were. All of them at once. And, I don't care if it's believable or not - Yonwood got their dogs back.

If that had been me - I would have packed up all my belongings - kissed my house goodbye - and taken my doggie and hubby and gotten the heck out of there. Why didn't anyone do that? Wierd.

Otherwise I enjoyed Prophet of Yonwood. I have to say I liked the other two books better, if only because they took me into a completely different world - one that the author made so real. The idea of living under ground is just so frightening and interesting at the same time. And then her second book was equally as chilling, People of Sparks. Living after the 'end-of-the-world' basically where they have to live without all the technology the world took so long to create. Like cars. And electricity. And medicine. The chilling part of the book was how just one event quickly changed Sparks, a peaceful community that had never seen war, into a community that was quick to fight to the death to keep the 'peace.' It made me feel pretty hopeless - that people, no matter how peaceful, gravitate naturally to war and violence when desperate. But at the same time, it really made me think, and I love those kind of books.



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