Saturday, August 19, 2006

Turnpike Debacle

haha i have a story.....
ok so after work yesterday, i went to my friend amandas house because we were going to the mall and then i would take her to my other friends house becuase she was have a gettogether. we had to map quest her house and i didnt really look at the directions before we left. so me and amanda went to the mall and we were on our way to the party. amanda was reading the directions....left here....right there...blah blah blah.....get on the turn pike...WHAT?! the toll.....WHAT?!. we have to get on the turn pike?! but it was ok we got to the house safely and everything. but amandas mom and dad wouldnt pick her up so i had to take her home(which is WAY out of the way) so called mom from the turnpike saying i was on my way home and she freaked out. she called my other sister, my dad, one of my best friends mom, amandas mom, anyone she could think of to see which way i was getting home. me and amanda knew exactly where we were but i couldnt even get words in with madre. when i got home she made me pay her 5$ for the tolls and the "gas i wasted taking amanda home" was a whole huge deal when it wasnt even that bad. she overeacted, ALOT. she tends to do that. especially with me.

well atleast it wasnt a boring night :)



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