Tuesday, August 22, 2006


im not quite sure exactly what it is about gossip girls that makes me want to keep reading. it just seems so different from all the other teen novels. instead of drinking cheap beer they are drinking scotch on the rocks, instead of running out to the nearest cvs to get new lipgloss becuase they just got 5 dollars from thier mom, they are getting extremely expensive or free designer clothing.

maybe its becuause i (in a way) want to be like them? not becuase their dilemmas are more to the "omg, -i just-had-sex-with-my-interviewer-from-yale" side, rather than "omg, -im-going-to-be-grounded-and-never-going-to-be-let-out-of-the-house-again-becuase-they-caught-me-kissing-a-boy." they are wayyyyyy past that.

serena, one of the main characters, is perfect. she is gorgeous, perfect skin, hair, body, everything.you can get anything you want from a frappachino to acceptance to a school you probably dont deserve. and to read about guys just ogling over her and waiting on her hand and foot, listening to everything she has to say. to know your perfect.

another main character, blair, is basically destroying herself to keep up with this goddess. shes always pinching at her body even though it, while not as perfect as serenas, is pretty darn close. she has the greatest boyfriend and alot of friends but still makes herself throw up after every meal no caring who knows about it.

i dont know... its all so dramatic and on such a huge scale that it makes my life seem easier somehow. if they can deal with everything like that, i think i will live when i hit a bump in the road every once in a while.

ummm thats about it.



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