Wednesday, August 23, 2006

Book Wish-List

These are the books I have to read that may not even be out yet:

1. An Abundance of Katherines by John Greene (I am definitely BUYING this book when it comes out. Yay.)
2. Just in Case by Meg Rosoff (though I'm a little scared...How I Live Now was so good - funny - honest - but crazy disturbing and sad - it took me a few days and a Bartimaeous book to get it out of my head.)
3. Girl, Going on 17: Pants on Fire by Sue Limb (I love these. They're so funny.)
4. Princess Academy by Shannon Hale (seriously. I haven't read this yet - because the library NEVER has it. Cailly if you loved me, you'd buy this for me just because I'm your favorite sister.)

I'm actually reading a book to review right now. And it's painful. Here's why:
1. Overusage of exclamation points!! It's like reading an email in all caps. It's stressful.
2. From paragraph one we are told 'this girl is special.' And every one she meets turns around and whispers to the reader - 'yep, this girl is special for some vague reason we can't describe.' Annoying.
3. The point of view keeps switching characters - and it feels like this is happening only to inform the reader of something.
4. The 'bad-guy' is a really rich popular girl.
Anyway the story is okay so all is not lost, and I haven't published a book - so what do I know?



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