Friday, September 01, 2006

jobs and books

This is inspired by Meg Cabot's blog post on pervs:

working in Peddlers is a pretty good job, dare I say even fun at times. And although you get creepy old horny guys that are shopping with their wife just to pay for things, sometimes they are so cute and old they are fun to talk to. You can usually pick these guys out right when they walk in the door. here are the clues:

clue #1: they are carrying if not one, many bags.

clue #2: if they do not open the door for their wife, she doesnt hold it for them either, it usually shuts halfway before the husband gets there. this is most likely followed by an awkward im-trying-to-open-the-door-but-i-have-too-many-bags-so-i-have-to-use-my-foot maneuver.

clue #3: wife goes right or left and he makes a bee-line to the register to "ask a question"

clue #4(biggest give away): the "question" starts with something like "well aren't you a pretty young lady"

once I was dusting some shelves and an old man said...and I quote! "you can come over a dust my house ANYTIME!" ugh gross! how do u respond to that? I just smile and walk away.

and it really sucks when people try to bargain with you. there are price stickers on items for a reason. they think its like a suggested price or something.

well today i went over to this nice, expensive restaurant. I asked for an application. im going to be a buss girl! haha. i will get LOTS of money:) lets just hope i get the job now.

this year is going to be very busy. I have cheerleading mondays and thurdays i offered to work at the restaurant tuesdays wednesdays and fridays and if i dont have a game on saturday or sunday im working at the shop (also in peddlers, its a little nic nac shop, also the location where horny old men congregate.)

plus i promised madre and daddio that i would get better grades, SAT tutors and classes when i get the time, how am i going to keep my sanity??? i will tell you how...BOOKS. when i read a book i feel like i am the character. when the character gets embarrassed i blush, if they hear a good joke i laugh, when something horrible happens im devastated. if you interrupt me in a book and the chraracter is in a bad mood from some bad event, watch out! im going to be in a pissy mood. its like i enter another world, i love it. i hope i am not the only one to vocalize this quirk i have. if im not let me know please? teenagers need assurance :)

please and thank you



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