Friday, September 01, 2006

Spider Cricket update

Hubby (to mother-in-law and father-in-law who are now visiting and happily trotting off to the guest room/spider cricket country): Um. If you see any spider crickets, which you probably won't, don't be scared.
Me (thinking): they should have borrowed the Exterminator
MIL: Spider crickets?
Hubby: Oh, it's kind of funny, every once in awhile we get these things.
Me (thinking): more like massive infestation.
Hubby (looks at me to say something)
Me: Oh yeah. They're like little pussycats - they're harmless. Really. (then I freak out because something - which could have been the giant king-of-all-spider-crickets - brushes up against my arm. It's the dog. I relax and then smile really big.)
MIL: Um. Ok. (glances at her husband with obvious concern)
Hubby: Don't worry I got them all. (clears his throat, knowing he killed about three of them two minutes ago happily bajoinging themselves all over the 'guest-room')
Me: Okay. Well have a good night sleep. See you in the morning.
Hubby and I bolt up the stairs.



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