Tuesday, September 05, 2006

The Panic Walk.

Let's play the 'watching people walk' game. I'll go first.

These people are - um - fictional characters. And this is only a writing exercise.

The panic walker:

You're sitting at your desk minding your own business, getting tons of work done because you have enjoyed at least thirty minutes straight of uninterrupted focus, when all of a sudden everything around you begins to vibrate. You start to wonder if you are experiencing your first earthquake when you see Fred walk by. Fred is a panic walker, a half-walk/half-runner that will never require a locating device, because his clodhopping style of walking alerts everyone of his location within a one mile radius. Shoulders first, no swing to his arms, mouth open. Those of us new to Fred may jump from their seats afraid they are missing a meeting, or were not informed of the deadly meteorite careening toward their office. But, soon you will realize, he is only a panic walker, and he is merely mosying over to get a refill on his coffee.

Okay Cailin - GO.


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