Thursday, September 07, 2006

the freshman walk

i started school today i so i have a fresh memory of this unfortunate....posture. lets pretend im the freshman...more fun that way.

its my first day of high school and i am scared out of my mind. although i am petrified, im prepared. i have every book from my locker in my extra large, expandable backpack....NO! in my ROLLIE BACKPACK. hahaha. since im small and i have every book in my locker on my back i need to slighty lean forward. to make it seems just a little bit cooler i tuck my thumbs into the arms straps near my arm pit....good leverage. its a strain on my neck to try and look up so i just let my head hang. this is actually good for numerous reasons such as:

i do not have to look at the upper-classmen who shove me into lockers and say "move you stupid freshman!"

steps are more visible...less likely to trip up the stairs

your face tends to get greasy on 90 degree days when your in a school with about 1,000 other teens with no air conditioning. so most people cant see your shining features.

they walk FAST. most of the time. they act like they dont care when the bell rings and they still have about a 5 minute walk, but u know inside thier head they are freaking out.

god i love freshman...and how, my you be asking, do i know all of this? simple...this was me.



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