Friday, September 15, 2006

Audio books

I listen to a lot of audio books due to my VERY LONG commute, and right now I'm listening to Criss-Cross. She has a lot of interesting/creative descriptions and one of them stopped me dead today. She described one of her characters as having a Polish head. I rewound and listened again. And there it was! This guy had a Polish head. For a long time I tried to think of what exactly a Polish head looked like, and thought about my Mom's head since she's partly Polish, and then that point in the morning must have arrived where I had a sufficient level of caffeine in me because it dawned on me - it was a pole-ish head NOT Polish head. Seriously. I'm glad noone was there to witness my realization. Still, I have been thinking about what a pole-ish head looks like all morning. And now I think I'm going to have to bribe hubby with some highly espressoed drink at B&N so I can find that sentence in a real live Criss-Cross book and put the mystery to rest. At least it's Friday. It's amazing I survived the week.



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