Wednesday, September 13, 2006


In Ally Carter's book, I'd Tell You I Love You but Then I'd Have to Kill You, the Gallagher Academy girls have to study the hard science of garbology (it's a school for spies by the way, and that's not all they study). At first, the school felt very Harry Potter-ish to me - but as soon as the story got started, I was hooked by the voice of the characters. They are super-intelligent girls that attend spy school, but still worry about what to wear (though it's to a stake-out instead of a dance more than likely) - boys - and studying for tests (except they're on biochemical warfare or something instead of algebra). The academy is all girls and when a boy from another school shows interest in Cammie, everyone becomes suspicious, wondering if he is truly a love interest or trying to infiltrate the school. So, they go through his trash which I believe to be an effective way in getting to know someone.

For example in my hubby's trash you would find:
1. an advertising insert from Performance Bikes with pages ripped out for future reference
2. an empty tube of dog toothpaste (I'm not lying)
3. a spider cricket

Cailin's trash would have:
1. a love letter from an ex-boyfriend (she's a man-eater, we've all tried to talk to her about this), ripped up, and sligthly charred
2. a mega bottle of cheerleading strength hair spray
3. a vocabulary workbook.

My non biohazard trashcan at work has:
1. a peppermint teabag (I don't particularly love tea, but it's an ice box in here I tell you)
2. an empty package of banana bread oatmeal
3. gum

Hmmm. I'd say my trash is a bit misleading as I sound like a ninety year old granny.


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