Sunday, September 10, 2006

living with the parentals

i must admit, im not home often since i got my license. its great. but it also sucks because mom and dad have an extra tight grasp around my throat. they are making up all these ridiculous rules, and when i tell them how ridiculous they are being they just yell at me or completly ignore me. because you know...parents are always right...thats bull. but i dont care, im not home alot anymore so its awesome, when i do come home im instantly in a bad mood. they are constantly asking me why im in a pissy mood which makes me even more mad. so i just go on the computer and either write in here or myspace, which i am addicted to haha.

i know this is random but i have one question, how did the people who created keyboards deicide which letter goes where? they are defintly not in order.



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