Saturday, September 16, 2006


In Criss-Cross, which I'm still reading despite the Polish/Pole-ish ordeal, Debbie (one of the narrators) uses the FLAME game on her crush. When I was growing up (ok and a little bit after I grew up too...) we played MASH. Which was so fun especially when your best friend ended up in a shack, married to a guy that still picks his nose in public, riding her huffy bike to work at a hot dog stand - and you married the captain of the football team, lived in a mansion, was a brain surgeon, with a convertible BMW. Anyway Debbie introduced me to FLAME yesterday on my drive home and here are some of my results: (if you are very careful you can also play this while driving...)

Here's how you play - or maybe you already know...
F: friends
L: lovers
A: affectionate
M: married
E: enemies
You count how many letters each of your names adds up to - eliminating those letters that are shared. Starting with F in flame you count through Flame until you see where you land. For example:

Cailin and Rooney (tee hee): 10 letters (eliminating the shared 'n') - 10 would end you on the E for enemies. Good thing we did this Caily or you would have wasted another Shakespeare class giggling about this guy. You can thank me later.

Me and hubby: 7 letters - L - Lovers.

Mom and Dad: 7 letters again - Loooovers.

K & S (getting married in 2 weeks): 11 letters. F for friends. I'll accept that since they are best friends and everyone knows you're supposed to marry your best friend. Aww.



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