Friday, September 22, 2006


Today I came to work an hour earlier than normal and there are these poor guards that have to stand outside all the security gates ALL day and ALL night. So, they were there as normal - wearing their matching poofy coats since it was dark and cold at 6am today. They say hello and have a nice day to everyone in the constant stream of traffic going into campus. They always smile - even during torrential hurricane-like downpours and they have to stand in the elements with plastic shower caps on their hats.

So, today - I was going through security - and a car pulled up to the security gate next to mine, and instead of handing the guard her i.d. - she handed him a bag of dunkin donuts AND two dunkin donuts coffees! And then (after showing her id of course) she proceeded through the security check and my security guard did a mini happy dance and gave her a thumbs up. She wasn't a fellow security guard. She didn't seem to know them at all. It was just a random act of kindess.

Maybe I'll bring a coffee for one of the airport security people later. Or not. Because then I'll probably be arrested.


At 10:42 AM, Blogger Five Foot Giants said...

thats such a good idea. the poor guys are standing all day. but im suprised that they are even allowed to accept things like that

At 6:28 PM, Anonymous candycana said...

What a very cool idea! Great site, ladies!



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