Monday, October 16, 2006

high school

im sitting here staring at the computer, bored, leaving comments on myspace. o but great news! this kid Crothamel who is the coolest guy ever. hes gay. hes hilarious. and he brutal. he is so mean but its so funny. i just hope he doesnt talk about me behind my back. he calls this one girl, heather, hilary. right to her face! and everytime she like "thats not my name" but he still insists on calling her hilary. he was talking to my friend Amanda and he said, and i quote, "hmm so i think we should just form an anti cailin group since she gets all the good guys" he has a crush on my ex boyfriend and i think he has a little thing for my one now hahaha, gotta love it. anyway, he wants to be best friends and im excited.

ummm so u really cant tell mom this but i had the most stressful week ever. my friend (whose name i will withhold cuz i dont think its nessesary to reveal it) had a pregnancy scare. shes 15. i had to call all of these places and everything. she took a pregnancy test ad it came out positive, so she tried to get the morning after pill but they wouldnt sell it to her. so we call planned parenthood. we just kept talking about it. i called our nearest one and asked all these questions. shes only 15, there is no way she could have a baby. her life would basically be over, she would have to stop school, have the baby, but then she would never be able to get a job because she didnt even finish sophmore year of high school! but on sunday we went to the grocery store and she made me buy more pregnancy tests. it was so embarrassing!! they thought it was for me but i felt so bad for her that i agreed to buy it. i didnt really care, as long as i know its not for me. haha. well we went into mcdonalds and she took another one, negitive thank god.

ok, so one was positive and the other was negitive. i think the only reason we trust the negitive test more is because thats the result we want. im making her take another one. even if i have to buy it again. so i guess my stress isnt over yet but it has subsided.

o and im failing conduct. mom and dad are thrilled...let me tell you. o gosh.

so thats been my weekend, isnt high school awesome??? ugh, i just cant wait till i know the real result and am not going to summer school to paint lockers, cuz thats were i am right now.



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