Friday, October 13, 2006

ok to answer your questions...

1~yes, but the one time i remember getting yelled the most is by mrs.wiley. i did something at lunch when i was in like 3rd grade and she yelled at me. i remember becuase she made me cry and i was really embarrassed.

2~in 8th grade i was suspended for a day or two. me and my friend doug started the most awesome food fight in the history of new hope. it was just like the movies, food flying everywhere! the principle knew we were going to do it and knew it was me and doug so she went on the loud speaker and said anyone who was invloved on this come stand up. i knew i would get cought so i stood up and stood next to doug, but the only thig is when i stood up i slipped on applesuace but caught myself right before i hit the floor.

3~hmmmm oh! omg i remember this really wierd kid brought in dried fish heads, im not even lying! is was so gross. they were little but still discusting.

4~my favorite game on the playground was either 4 square or gymnastics. we would just do handstands and stuff like that. and we used to play house on the big rocks, prentending like they were our houses or something.

5~i think my favorite part of the day was english because all of my english teachers were insane and crazy. haha they were awesome.

6~when i was in like 5th grade it was super cool to be sitting in the last seat of the bus, becuase thats where the seniors sat. we would get on the bus first and sit there. the seniors picked us up (literally) and carried us to the front. we loved to annoy them haha. and me and my friend sara made this really annoying kid cry on the bus once, thats my favorite memory :) haha

7~ugh, this one boy, if you touched his desk he would slap your hand. he was really wierd. i think he had friends though, all the wierdos were friends. that just how it was. another kid was (name) the nose picker picked his nose all the time and ate it, ew!!

8~shes not

hahahaha jkkkkkk :)
8(for real)~ because our whole family is cool and i would have to disown you if you were a loser...thank god i was here to teach u how to be cool

9~hmmm pinecone birdfeeders....way too many to even begin to count.

i wish things were easier like they were when i was in elementry school. i shouldnt have to deal with the problems i have right now. teens in general shouldnt have to deal with this. and u would be suprised how many teens deal with things that only adults should ahve to worry about.


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