Wednesday, October 11, 2006

Questions for Cailin

Since you are way closer to elementary school days than I am, I have a few questions for you.

1. Did you ever get yelled at? (I know this answer is YES since you were such a bad kid.) By who? And for what?
2. If you (or 'someone else') got in big trouble - what did the teacher do? Send you out in the hall? Did anyone have to go to the principal's office? Did anyone cry or yell back at the teacher?
3. What was the grossest thing someone brought in their lunch box?
4. What was your favorite game to play on the playground?
5. What was your favorite part of the day (besides recess...)?
6. Do you have any fond memories from riding the bus (if you don't, just make one up)?
7. Who was the wierdest person in your class (without naming any names...)?
8. Why was your oldest sister so freaking cool?
9. And, how many pinecone bird feeders do you think you made? A million? Five million?

Don't worry I won't use any of this, unless putting it in my revised manuscript means using it. And I won't use your name. I'll use :)


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