Thursday, October 05, 2006

cirque du soleil

im watching cirque du soleil on tv and its disgusting...but i must admit...i want to be them. if i could sing or act i would totally be on broadway when im older. but i cant. and if i had a disgusting talent i would be on cirque du soleil. but u need to understand something when i say "disgusting" (besides i dont really say it anymore cuz erin and, well mostly jay, make fun of me cuz i say it differently, like disGUSTing!!) when a teenager says a word it could mean alot of different things. normally disgusting means gross, but the way im using it, it means crazy or insane. this one girl is a contortionist, and then the tumbling they do! omggggg i want to beee themmmmmm. so jealous.

being grounded sucks...but im getting through it. i just wish i could go to homecoming with mike:(


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