Thursday, October 19, 2006

double whammy!!!

so it was after 7th peiod today (i dont have an 8th period so i was jut chilling) and i was talking to mike( :) ) and a couple of other people. our school president (pat) was there too. i was so excited cuz i love him, hes so cute, and hes so nice. i have never talked to him but he turned to me and said:

pat(school president):whats your name
(note: he doesnt ask anyone else)
me: uhhhhhh cailin?
pat:whats ur last name?
(im not gunna put my last name on here but i told him)
pat: o! your cailin, i have heard alot about you...alot.
me:(nervously) o hahah yeah.

ok mike talks about me!! and to pat!!! and senoirs know me know!! im so excited.
and there were some more references to me but i cant really remember them.

and this one girl rosie came to me the other day and said she heard his flag football team talking about me...ahhhhh, it was good though.

mike asked me to the red hot chilipeppers concert but im stil grounded...blah! o well. hes coming over on saturay, hes the only one who visits me during my house arrest.

im in a good mood.



At 10:58 PM, Blogger Five Foot Giants said...

Tee hee you're grounded.


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