Wednesday, November 08, 2006

i will get that crossing guard fired...mark my words

i had 2 run ins with extremely rude adults on two days....

run in number 1:
this happened yesterday. my friend jen got 2 detentions for our lunch table being dirty. she doesnt get detentions. so she went into the students services office (SSO) to get it taken away. i waited outside because mr.mangin (the head detention guy) hates me and knows me by name, so i didnt think it would be good for him to know me and jen are friends haha. well she came back out after like 1 second so i asked if she talked to him. she said no, so i poked my head in the doorway to see if mr.mangin was in there. the stupid secretary says "EXCUSE ME! EXCUSE ME MISS. GET BACK HERE." so i walked back in and she started yelling at me how this is a "private office" (which its NOT)and i cant be snooping around. i got blamed for waiting outside the office! ahhh o hate her.

run in number 2:
this one just happened. im still upset about it. it took all my might for me not to start crying right there, i had to wait until i got home. i was pulling out of the wood driveway, i looked left and saw a car stopped, COMPLETELY STOPPED. so i started to go cuz i thought he was letting me in. all of a sudden the crossing guard(who was suppossed to be gone by that time anyway) cames screaming towards me. i looked at her and i have never seen someone so livid. she was so pissed. she starts yelling, literally YELLING at me about how im not allowed to go around kids in the parking lot and that i was being an irresponsible driver. i had no idea what she was talking about. i think she was mad first of all becuase i didnt see her, she could have been telling me to stop but the other car was stopped and so i thought i was allowed to go. if i saw a crossing guard say stop i wouldne just be like...o i think im going to go anyway, i wouldnt do that. i was like "kids? what are you talking about. i dont understand" she was like "ARE YOU DENSE??" i couldnt believe she just called me dense! i apologized atleast 3 times even though i didnt do anything wrong. she still wouldnt let me go. she just kept being rude, extremely rude. then my friend maura decided to get into it cuz she thought since i wasnt sticking up for myself she was going to. everything maura said to her was right though. she was saying that you cant treat people the way she was treating me no matter who they are and then the crossing guard called maura dense! if it takes me all year and a couple of arguments, i will get this crossing guard fired. ill just keep pissing her off until she hits me or something.

this started to happen to me more and more this year, i decided to stick up for myslef in the beginging of the year. wanna know how it turned out? i ended up failing conduct becuase of my "defiance". i was close to going to summer school. well now i just let it go. but the crossing guard just wouldnt let me go. i apologized mulitple times. i still cannot believe how rude she was. no one should be treated that way. its not eve like im a bad kid! wtf...i hate this.


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