Monday, November 06, 2006

bomb threats: the new fad

wow, i ahve blogged in a while. i have been very busy lets start with last week.

the firday before halloween we had a bomb threat in the school. do u think we got off? no. do u think they did ANYTHING?? no. all they did was post something on the school website saying there was a threat. not what kind of threat, or what did they about it(which was nothing).

halloween, i went to rooney's. it was fun, i met his friends, they are halarious. me and maura went looking for a costume the day before for.....4 hours! we couldnt find anything. we ended up going to like 5 defferent places, it was ridiculous. i was a cowboy and maura was a bunny, kinda of a slutty one if u ask me haha. we sprayed the bottom layer of her hair pink and it dyed it. hahahah its looks so funny cuz its just fading out.

the day after halloween i went back to rooney's house. it was embarrassing cuz his mom caught us kissing. it was horrible. o so now we have gotten caught not only by his mom, but by mine too. like 2 weeks ago my mom walked in on us. we werent doing anything horrible but it was still really embarrassing. we are really bad at being sneaky and stuff. so we can tell you now that we wont be doing anything for a long time cuz we keep getting caught. not that we have done anything anyway. wayy too early.

well the next day at school we had another bomb threat. they still didnt really do anything. o yeah, on friday we werent allowed to walk outside between classes and before school started they checked everyones back pack.

and friday there was one last threat. but this was a gun threat.

in summary here are the threats:

THREAT 1: found on the boys bathroom wall. it had a map of where the bombs were going to be placed. also said something like "have a good time being blown up on costume day." thats halloween, only seniors are allowed to dress up in thier costumes. one wrong person was expelled for it and another person was suspened because he knew who did it but didnt tell on him.

THREAT 2: rumor is it was on the boys bathroom wall again, but other people said it was on a piece of paper found on the floor. this one said "happy SAT'S" or someting like that, we were supossed to have the sat's on saturday but they were rescheduled for next weekend cuz of the threat.

THREAT 3: this one was different becuase it was a gun threat, it was a girl, and it was directed to a specific teacher. my freinds were the ones who found it. it was on the girls bathroom wall.

i dont take any of these seriously. its a fad. everyone just wants a day off. i know of atleast 2 other school in the past week who have had threats. its actually quite annoying. becuase of this everyone had to clean out thier entire locker and bring everything home. i had literally about 10 pounds of books. and andrew thought it would be funny to knock the books i had in my hands on the ground....they landed in vomit. it was discusting. it smelled. i had to wash my books when i got home.
there will be more. i will let you know when it happens.

i took the sat's on saturday at a different school becuase i just wanted to get them over with. i actually liked the essay part. the whole test was alot better then what i thought it would be like. i get my scores back in aout a month. i really wanna see what i got on my essay, i think it was pretty good.

well thats the big stuff that happened latly, ill probably think of more and fill you in later. bye!!



At 8:04 PM, Blogger Five Foot Giants said...

Um. Is there normally vomit all over the place at your school? Dude, I can't wait until you're out of high school. It's scary.


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