Tuesday, November 21, 2006

Why is it?

How come I'm ALWAYS waiting for a phone call? I mean seriously is it some kind of cruel test of my character? And now I'm all messed up again with the clashing of the worlds. If you get an email from an editor or agent that does not require a response - you ABSOLUTELY do not respond. I think they have a certain number of superfluous emails they allow - like, one - before you are automatically banned from their inbox and sent directly to the spam box. Last week I got an email from a potential employer with my interview schedule. I had just spoken to the person on the phone and he had said - 'I'm going to send you your interview schedule.' So, when it arrived as planned, I read it several times, debated whether or not to respond, and then the obsessive writer in me took over and I thought, 'I do not want to annoy him with a superfluous email.' A day later I got a phone call: 'Did you get my email? Why didn't you respond? Are you still interested in interviewing?' So, now I realize the division between the writing world and the real world. Kind of.

Anyway my point is - why am I always waiting for phone calls? He clearly said 'I will call you on Monday.' And it is clearly TUESDAY is it not?

29 hours and 3 minutes until I leave for Thanksgiving. Yay.


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