Friday, January 26, 2007

Small Steps by Louis Sachar

This is a roller coaster of a story. I am completely exhausted after reading it. And for the record, if I lived in Austin, Texas:
1. I would not cross the road if I encountered Armpit on the sidewalk.
2. I would not ready my phone to dial 911 because Armpit was walking with a little girl and I thought she was kidnapped.
3. If I found him sitting in my seats at a concert, I would not alert security and have him wrestled to the ground and arrested if it took him more than a millisecond to find his tickets.
4. I would call him Theodore because he is starting a new life and would prefer to leave 'Armpit' behind.

Most of the story I just felt so bad for the guy. Nobody but the person reading his story (the reader), and Jenny the 10 year old girl with cerebral palsy respected him or gave him the chance of day. It was maddening! But I suppose if you've spent a year at a camp for juvenile delinquents, you'd have a bit of a reputation to shake.

Anyway - Cailin - I have some questions for you.
The Rules:
No googling or consulting with parentals and/or older and wiser siblings.

1. Who is Janis Joplin?
2. Is she dead or alive?
3. If you've heard of her, name one thing you know about her.
4. Who are the Beatles?
Bonus Question:
1. Who sang 'Blame it on the Rain?' (Ok. This has nothing to do with Small Steps, just something that came up at work recently.)


At 8:13 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

The girl's name isn't Jenny.


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