Wednesday, May 30, 2007

meeting the family...the WHOLE family

So this weekend mike and I went up to his mountain house. we went up on thursday and met his grand parents up there, and on friday night the rest of the family came up. i met all his aunts and uncle and cousins. at first it was super awkward because they put mike to work for most of saturday and i has to put myself out there and try to talk to people while me alone. it was really difficult at first because they all had that cousin bond and stuff. they are a really close family. the girls wet into town and i tried to talk to them but it was too hard! so i just kept to myself. but as the weekend went on it got alot better. i starting talking to everyone and now im not shy around them at all! overall the weekend was nothing short of AMAZING! i had so much fun. and the best part is that i got to spend every moment with mike and i could spend even more time with him.

however there were a few really awkward relatives who thinks that they are funny. there were only 2. one was Stosh (spelling??) he would say things like "where's Michael? you guys should be together making out or something" just weird comments like that. and then the one fam friend told me that i had really nice teeth and then he called me a "oh you devil you" it was weird.



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