Tuesday, May 15, 2007


Hm. So this new guy over here at work insists at calling me 'Hon' or 'Dear.' The first time it happened I didn't answer him because I had no idea he was talking to me. I mean, who calls a basically complete stranger that you just started working with a few days before - hon? No matter that I'm actually a year older than him and a level above him at work. Grr.

It's almost as innapropriate as when I signed my email 'love you' to my boss at my last job. But that was a complete and mortifying accident that the entire company knew about five seconds after it happened because my boss kept saying, 'I didn't know you loved me' whenever possible. But, this guy means it. And I've heard him say it to another girl - who didn't answer him either, thinking he was talking to his wife on his cell phone. Also, I have witnessed him call our very serious boss who does not like joking at all unless it is work related and scientific in nature - a nickname.

He is looking for trouble I tell you.


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