Monday, March 26, 2007

Spring Cleaning

We're moving which means there needs to be A LOT of organizing/cleaning before the big pack-up. This weekend we spent all of Saturday cleaning out our pockets of clutter and collecting things for goodwill. Here are some things we found:

1. One million and five unopened bank statements that had to be shredded by hand as our electric shredder was too tired.
2. A beach bag full of shells.
3. A key to a Jeep which is quite a mystery since Hubby and I have never owned a Jeep.
4. Hubby 'found' a bunch of shirts that I bought him that had the tags still on. Very bad. And busted.
5. A lot of single flip-flops.
6. A bundle of envelopes that said: 'Open immediately. Very important information regarding your 401K' and such. Oops.
7. A casserole dish circa 1965 that was left from the previous owner. I think casserole is my least favorite word - along with supper. I will never make a casserole for supper. I will make a one-dish meal for dinner.
8. A hat that said 'Evacuation Warden'
9. A bronze medal from the Sugarbush Ski School race in 2nd grade. I think there were three of us in the race. I was never good at competition. Why not enjoy the ride down?
10. My library card. Yay!


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