Saturday, March 24, 2007

Meg Cabot's "how to be popular"

i finished looking for alaska and i was soooo good. so no im on to meg cabot's "how to be popular"

i love meg cbot, she is an awesome writer, but i dont know about this book. its a good ook but i just dont agree with it. this book tells you about a girl who wants tobe popular and how she sees the popular people. but i dont think meg did her research on this one. she says that popular people have this in common:\

"they always have a ready smile for everyone"...true,sorta. they may have a smile but the dirty look and sneers come out just as easily

"remember a person name...popular people call others by their names..." true

"are good listeners who encourage others to talk about themselves" hahahahhaa not true

"make a person they are speaking to feel important-and do it sincerely. they always make the conversation about YOU, not about themselves!" yeah right, popular people are conceited, obnoxious, and annoying

how do i know this you may ask? well i defintily was "a popular" in middle school and i thought if i talked to someone who was "uncool" that they felt honored to be talking to me. thats the way we all were. in high school i dont really know. there is a definite loud group that you could consider to be the popular people but it is not nearly as bad as middle school. it sucks trying to be popular. i skipped lunch everyday in 6th grade because it wasn't cool to eat infront of boys. i would get lunch money from my mom and just pocket the money. i think it was after that, that i decided that this was stupid.

all in all populr people are people-pleasers and will do ANYTHING for people to like them



At 8:11 AM, Blogger Five Foot Giants said...

Oh my gosh we did the same thing in middle school too! Except we ate something small and always the same thing like a half of a bagle or an apple. Crazy. I forgot about that. And the boys were always like: 'Why aren't you eating?' and we were like: 'We're not hungry.' Ha!


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