Sunday, March 18, 2007

Happy (now belated) St. Patty's Day!

We had our first annual St. Patty's Day party last night. It was a different kind of party because we decided to have it about three hours before the actual event. This caused for some creative planning and/or menu planning. As it was St. Patty's Day - and my name is Erin which is an exact result of my Irish heritage (Erin go Braugh does not in fact mean Erin-go-get-a-bra, it actually means 'Ireland Forever') - our menu centered around corned beef. To me, and probably to Cailly too, corned beef growing up meant Grandma T in the kitchen in a stinky corned-beef-cooking-all-day house with boiled cabbage (the worst kind), cheese potatoes, and all of us kids wearing matching outfits for some holiday and eating our corned beef sandwiches with Vernors ginger ale on rickety tray tables on the corduroy couch.

I never in all my life thought I'd make corned beef.

But, there are all sorts of ways to make corned beef and I think I found my preferred version. It was actually good! I liked it! And, in fact, everyone at the party Irish or not (some having never had corned beef before in their lives) liked it too. And there was no boiled cabbage in sight, replaced with sauerkraut and garlic mashed potatoes. I feel very Irish-y and domestic.

Our menu ended up being quite alcoholic:
Guinness braised corned beef brisket
Mint Irish Cream fudge brownies
Coffee with Bailey's
We offered a few non-alcoholic things as well such as mashed potatoes, salad, hummus, and olive tapenade.

Anyway, Cailin I am sorry to hear about your prom!! And, I knew you would like Looking for Alaska! I'm so happy. I'll have to buy you An Abundance of Katherines also by John Green because you'll love it even more.

I hope everyone had a nice St. Patty's Day!


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