Tuesday, March 13, 2007

i finally got back on the blog!

sorry i havent written in about 523095705 years. i couldnt get on the blogger because everytime i tried to get on, it would tell me turn off my cookie function. i dont even know what a cookie is! let alone turn the function off. but thanks to my friends dj and eric, they helped me out. i might even let them read this...i totally just lied to you. i would never hear the end of it haha. well i dont even know when was the last time i blogged; but nothing huge has gone on in my life.

im a little stressed out because prom is on friday and i got my dress back yesterday from being altered....its too short now. im freaking out a little, but i cant do anything about it so i must just suck it up and accept it.

we had course selections this week and (with albsolutly NO help from my counselor whom i havent even seen this year yet) i decided on my classes for next year. i have no idea what i want to do with my life so i decided to take a course in just about everything...except science. sorry erin but i hate science, it could just be my teachers but regardless, i hate science.
this is what im taking next year:

religion (required)
personal finance

and i think thats it, just about a taste of everything. but im thinking that i might really regret journalism, but we will see. i can always drop it if i have to.

so, i have been exrtemo busy so i havent been able to pick up a book, but im doing some reading in school. in shakespeare i am actually enjoying the twelfth night, its kinda funny. and we just finished the quiet man in english, not too bad either. but a couple of weeks ago i was in baltimore for cheerleading and we went into a HUGE barnes and noble. i almost died. but i didnt buy anything becuase i have like 10 good books on my waiting list to read. but i really want this one book called assassinating shakespeare. its about this guy who travels around africa performing shakespeare monologes. its really funny actually. i only got to read a couple pages of it though.

well i must go but since i can get on the blog now hopefully i will write more often!!



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