Friday, March 02, 2007

Ahhh vacation....

We leave for vacation tomorrow. Our annual ski trip. Usually we go skiing with hubby's friends. This would be a typical day:

8am: Meet ski guide because skiing 'in bounds' is apparently boring.
Me: *Hoping for a nice leisure day of skiing: good views, soft snow, time with friends, ahhhh heaven*
Them: Dude, we're looking for an EPIC day of skiing. Got any helicopters to jump out of?
Guide: Yes. But first, put on these avalanche beacons, strap into these harnesses in case you fall into a crevass, and put on these backpacks that predict avalanches and puff out like airbags if you are in danger.
Me: We're going to stop for lunch right?
Them: We love crevasses!
Guide: Me too!
**They all look at me, but I actually don't like crevasses. Hubby pulls my harness tighter and we're off.**

But this year we're going with MY friends! Yay!! No helicopters! No ski guides! No cliffs and/or crevasses! We might even ski on the trails! It is totally exciting.


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