Wednesday, March 14, 2007

Jackson Hole!

We're back from vacation! Here are some highlights:

This is what it looked like:

We saw real dog mushers!

Favorite restaurant: Million Dollar Cowboy had actual saddles for bar stools. It was quite the local place and we felt pretty East Coast coming in with our poofy coats and goggle tans, so we took ourselves downstairs for a cowboy dinner and skipped the bar. And they had a breathalyzer by the bathrooms which of course hubby and my friend's hubby had to try. We declared it broken after the four of us couldn't figure out how to use it after an hour or so.

Most romantic moment: Three years ago Hubby and I got engaged on a ski trip in Banff, Canada. We were traveling with a bunch of his smelly ski guy friends and he took me on a date night (which has since become a tradition on all of our trips) to a nice dinner. When we came out of the restaurant, there was a cab waiting at the door for us. I didn't know what was going on, and hubby was super excited - we piled into the cab and hubby kept saying how much I was going to love this - when we pulled up to some horse stables. Everything was dark. They were closed. There wasn't enough snow, and they never called my hubby to tell him they had to cancel his sleigh ride reservation. The sleigh ride he intended to propose to me. He ended up recovering from the dissapointment and proposing to me regardless that night and it was perfect. Fast forward three years and I finally got my surprise date night sleigh ride!

Best ski experience: The entire thing! But especially when hubby kept bothering us all to hike to ski and we finally gave in on our last day under the condition he carried all of our equipment. And he was like, 'ok.' (We didn't actually mean it, and I'm embarrassed to admit he was still the first to the top....)

And the best part was we had snow! And you couldn't even ice skate on it.

At one point (on the way to the airport to catch the last flight out of Idaho Falls by the way) we had too much snow. But lucky for us the locals are pretty nice and helped us out... The first thing hubby said when guy in big red truck pulled up was 'Don't even ask how we got here.' And, we even made our flight!


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