Friday, March 16, 2007


well two days ago it was about 75-80 degrees, no lie. but the dsy of my prom we have a snow storm...awesome. so now its canceled. this sucks for many reasons:

1.we have to buy double the flowers and boutiniers (spelling??)
2.i have i keep tanning
3. i have to get my nails done again
4.i had to cancel my hair appointment
5. the rescheduled date, mike has a lax game.

anyway, w.e

i started reading "looking for alaska" the book is seperated into 2 sctions. before and after. and i could figure out what the before and after were. they were playing a prank so i was like "o maybe its before and after the big prank. maybe they get caught or something." but o no, thats not it. i dont want to ruin it but its a much bigger before and after. this book is so good, but not a good book to read in public. not for me anyway. everyone in a while i read someting funny and i just have to laugh out loud. i probably look like an idiot but i dont care. i started reading it on my way to philly and only got a couple pages in but then i just couldnt put it down. its really good. and i highly recomend it.



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