Monday, May 21, 2007


HMMM WHEN WAS THE LAST TIME I BLOGGED? oops sorry about the caps but im too lazy to go back and retype the whole thing.

thank the dear lord that school is almost over, these past couple weeks have been horrible. lets go period by period

english: i had a term paper sue that we were working on in class for like 3 weeks... the day before the due date, I went to work on it in class only to find that it has been completely deleted. i was so frustrated and pissed off that i couldn't even start it again in class. so i went to the library for the first time and did my entire term paper in about 6 hours. it was nott fun!

religion: we had to take this survey thing that was like "1-strongly agree 2-agree 3-don't know 4-disagree 5-strongly disagree" and then we had a bunch of questions and she picked one person who put a 1 and another person who out a 5, then they had to go up and duke it out in front of the class and argue. of course i was picked. mine was "homosexuals should have the right to marry" i put 1-strongly agree and i had to argue with this other guy who put a 5. lets just say can't even look at him anymore. he is such a jerk, everytime i see him i want to wrap my hands around his close minded little head and squeeze....and i sit behind him in my 3rd period. ugh

math: i sit behind the close minded/cocky/jerk kid i argued with...enough said. oh, and im failing math withagood old 70, blah...

latin: i DESPISE this class...well the teacher. i can;t even express the words to explain this man. basically he thinks he is Gods greatest gift to the world. by the time this year is walking out of this class. i will let you know how it goes. i only have 11 days left to do it.

chem: this class is a complete joke...yet in still failing

LUNCH: UGH this period is paradise. i get to see mike! :)

history: boring boring BORING class. thats all i have to say

shakespeare: ahahahahaha this class is the worst. i got yelled at for looking at the loves me...NOT!

and thats my day. but these are just the bad things that have happened in these classes since my prom.

omg i went to mike prom and it by far surpasses my prom. it was SO much fun. i went to this kid buddy's house after....hahahah o god good times. and the best thing was that i didnt really know anyone but they made me feel completely comfortable.

im leaving for the mountains with mike's family this weekend. im so nervous! but im so excited. i can not wait until summer!!!!

only 11 school days and 22 regular days until summer!!!


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