Tuesday, June 26, 2007


Summer is always so busy. I could totally be a stay at home mom right now without any kids there is so much to be done. Namely:
1. Put together a filing cabinet, large bookcase (already put the small bookcase together - yay!), and front entrance thingy/bookcase/table.
2. Laundry. Like a lot of it.
3. Get an entirely new wardobe or at least stop wearing around the pants that need to be hemmed but I keep wearing them anyway.
4. Feed the dog. On time. And maybe take him for a walk here and there.
5. Clean out my car that somehow is all of a sudden ransacked again. How did that happen??
6. Go grocery shopping for real. None of this - buy an orange here and there and pick up milk at the local gas station. I have eaten a hot pocket twice for dinner this week. It's a desperate situation.
7. Pick up my bridesmaid dress that was ready two weeks ago. The wedding is in a week. I still have time. Unless it doesn't fit....Hmmm....
8. Which reminds me, BUY WEDDING GIFTS. Dangit.
9. Wrap Father's Day gift for this weekend. Yes, I know it was two weeks ago.
10. Vaccuum the upstairs hallway because it's possible it hasn't been vacuumed since we moved in. Note: This requires hauling the 300 pound vaccuum up the stairs.
11. Buy a new, lighter vaccuum cleaner.
12. Remember to call my best friend on her bday tomorrow.
13. Return my very overdue library books so other people in this world can enjoy Uglies, Pretties, Life as We Knew It, and Katie Kazoo Switcheroo.
14. Empty the garbage.
15. Get my oil changed.

And that is mostly what I have to do.


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